Hello everyone,

When I output the tripinfo, it says waitSteps= an integer value. How can I get 
this or the total waiting time for each vehicle in seconds? Also, how can I 
calculate a queue length?

What is the concept of time Step? when I generate a route file with 12 vehicles 
departing at the same time step but in different time frame, such as the first 
vehicle departs at 0 seconds, the second at 3rd second, the third one in 6th 
second but they all are departing at the same time step. Here, the time step in 
9 seconds. 10 minutes later, there are 5 vehicles departing at the same time 
step and the time step there becomes 5 seconds.

What can I make of time step if I want to calculate the waiting time at an 

Also, any ideas on what does tau trigger? what file can I find it's source code 
and what functions are related to it? I want to simulate different 
perception-reaction times (0.5 second, 1 second, 2 seconds), How should I go 
for it?

Thank you,

Tariq R Rahimi
Graduate Student
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