Dear all
Please help me i am facing an issue from 20 days, i took some part of osm
map, generated 5000 vehicles through some steps steps are

1. netconvert  --osm  map.osm  -o

2. polyconvert --net-file --osm-files map.osm --type-file
typemap.xml -o map.poly.xml

3.   C:\Users\test>python C:\Users\sumo\tools\ -n
-e 5000 –l

4.  C:\Users\test>python C:\Users\sumo\tools\ -n
-r map.rou.xml -e 5000 –l

and import the map in sumo and get the result in normal situation , Now i
want to seclude all the vehicles in an manner to allot time interval to
each vehicles in which the vehicles travels from source to destination.

thanks in advance
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