Hello there,
I generated some random trips and then used duarouter to generate the routes. 
In the simulation, I can see that the vehicles are not clever enough to change 
their path to the destination with a less congested route, although they 
exactly do they have been told to do by the route. How can I overcome this 
problem either by Traci or through the shell? 
An example is shown below.
Many thanksMohsen
py randomTrips.py -n map10_limitedWellington.net.xml  -b 0 -e 600 -p 0.01449  
--vehicle-class  private --seed 1   --max-distance 6000  -o 
duarouter --trip-files=tripsv12018_p41400_e600_10_limitedWellingtonjt.trips.xml 
--net-file=map10_limitedWellington.net.xml  --repair.from t  --repair.to t  
--repair t --seed 1 --remove-loops t --routing-algorithm astar  

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