Hi all,

I've been working on a semi-random route generation whereby I have list of 
edges near housing estates and list of edges near places work. I use these to 
build a trip file (that I call ProbTrips.xml)  with the origin and destinations 
defined like the following:

<trip id="Office0" depart="21900.58" from="-157100316" to="-4430167#0"/>
<trip id="Office1" depart="21902.32" from="24239207#1" to="82835688#1"/>

I then attempt to use duarouter to turn these trips into routes with the 
configuration shown below. When running duarouter however I get some errors 
whereby it says the following:

Error: Mandatory edge '-121381302#7' not reachable by vehicle 'Office199'.
Error: The vehicle 'Office199' has no valid route.

This forces duarouter to quit. My current fix is to manually delete the trips 
that cause error and re-run duarouter again. I was wondering, is there 
way/option to prevent duarouter from quitting on error or a means to validate 
the origin and destination edges prior to running duarouter?

Kind regards,


<configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"; 

        <net-file value="MyRoads.net.xml"/>
        <route-files value="ProbTrips.xml"/>

        <write-license value="true"/>
        <output-file value="duaroutes.rou.xml"/>

                                <repair value="true"/>
                                <repair.from value="true"/>
                                <repair.to value="true"/>

       <no-step-log value="true"/>

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