I have a question regarding the DFROUTER (0.27).

>From what I read in the mailing list the DFROUTER didn't get much 
(development) attention lately. Nevertheless I hope that my question could be 
answered easily.

So far I was not able to get the DFROUTER to create routes starting at both 
source and in-between detector types. But from my understanding with the 
option --routes-for-all this should be the case.

So assuming there are the one-way edges A-B, B-C and C-D. Each edge with his 
own detector. When having DFROUTER calculate the detector type it correctly 
assigns a source to the detector on edge A-B, an in-between detector to edge 
B-C and a sink detector to C-D.

But when DFROUTER calculates the routes with the parameter --routes-for-all 
there is only one route created: A-B-C-D. The detector on edge B-C is not used 
as a source nor a sink. So I'm missing the routes B-C-D and A-B-C here.

Is my interpretation of the DFROUTER functionality correct?

Thanks for the help.

Matthias Wirtz

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