Dear Sumo and Traci4matlab Users,

I wish to implement a simple program that controls the phase duration
of the traffic light of an intersection using Traci4matlab. But I am
having some issues. For example, the vehicles flow normally at the
assignment of green wave but after a small time, the suddenly stopped
even when the green phase is still on for the particular flow. I wish
someone out there could help me with a simple implantation which I can
extend or shorten the phase duration of a particular flow and switch
the phase.

thank you all.


On 2/2/16, BABANGIDA ZACHARIAH <> wrote:
> Dear Andres,
> Thank you for the correction.
> I access maxWaitingTime cell variable properly : maxWaitingTime{1} and it
> worked
> Thanks once again
> Babangida

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