How many edges are in your network and what percentage of the network are
you looking at when the gui starts to feel slow?
Is it only slow during simulation or also when you are opening the network
without any vehicles?

As a reference: When looking at the network of Berlin with ~200k edges it
is still usable and there is hardly any delay when zooming to show about a
quarter of the network.


2016-11-29 20:34 GMT+01:00 Michael Behrisch <>

> Hi,
> > Are there any suggestions to improve the GUI performance when
> > looking at a whole city?
> you could try to limit the visualization by avoiding to draw junction
> shapes (it is in the junction tab of the visualization settings) but I
> doubt that it helps much. You could also uncheck all boxes in the street
> visualization settings but when looking at the whole city there are no
> details drawn anyway. SUMO GUI i still missing a proper detail reduction
> scheme here, I think this ticket
> is also a result of this.
> > In addition - when I zoom out the vehicles are too small to observe
> > at all. Is there a way to make them larger and observable even when
> > zoomed out?
> You can check the box Draw with constant size when zoomed out in the
> vehicle visualization settings.
> Best regards,
> Michael
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