Hello everybody,
I'm simply trying to pick up passengers by stopping vehicles with traci, 
using the command
traci.vehicle.setStop(  id_veh_sumo,
                                  pos = position,
                                  flags = 2,
                                  laneIndex = 1,
and the person is defined as
<person  id="162" depart="225" type="pedestrian">
        <walk  from="-gneE30" to="gneE2.30" departPos="32.3913" 
        <ride  from="gneE2.30" to="gneE6.41" lines="prt"/>
        <walk  from="gneE6.41" to="-gneE25" departPos="31.5" 

On Sumo GUI, one can see that the person is standing directly in front 
of the vehicle. The person is waiting for line "prt" and the vehicle is 
stopped and triggered. So everything looks OK, but nothing happens.

Any idea?

Incidentally, I found a similar problem here:

It seems to work as long as vehicles are defined in xml (just as in my 
case) but not with traci.

Thanks for any help,


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