Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the next release of SUMO.
Again, there are many new features and fixes in this release and the most
important ones are listed below:

Major feature additions:
- Added definition of parking areas and functionality for rerouting in
search of a free parking space. Many thanks to Mirco Sturari for this
- A large number of TraCI functions in support for person simulation and
public transport have been added. You can now create persons, modify their
plans and much more.
- Added new output option --stop-output <FILE> for generating output on
vehicle stops (for public transport, logistics, etc.)
- When a vClass is specified for a vehicle type, this information is used
to assign a default emissionClass from the HBEFA3 model
- Pedestrians now use the speedDev attribute of their type to vary their
walking speed.
- Warnings are now issued when steep grades are present in the road
network. The warning threshold can be configured using the new option
geometry.max-grade <FLOAT>.
- Added new OD2TRIOPS option --flow-output.probability <BOOL> for
generating probabilistic flows instead of evenly spaced flows. Thanks to
Dominik Buse for the patch.
- Pedestrian crossings are now fully supported in NETEDIT
- All applications now support the option --precision <INT> to specify the
output precision as number of decimal places for floating point output.

Major bug fixes:
- Many fixes (crashing, collisions, odd behavior) in regard to
opposite-direction driving
- Stopped and parking vehicles are now handled when saving and loading
simulation state.
- Fixed extreme vehicle angles during lane changing when using the sublane
- Fixed bug that was causing pedestrian collisions.
- Several fixes in regard to import and export of OpenDRIVE networks.
- Improved connection guessing at roads with a lane reduction.
- Fixed steep grades near intersections in networks with 3D-geometry.
- Fixed crashing and lag in NETEDIT
- The default vehicle class in DUAROUTER is now passenger (as in the
simulation). Non-passenger classes such as trains now need an explicit type
definition to be able to use rail edges.
- Various fixes to intermodal routing functionality.

Lots of documentation was also added:
- Added documentation for the MESO-model
- Extended documentation of the sublane-model
- Added documentation of visualizing road access permissions
- Added TraCI performance information
- The TraCI command reference now includes links to the corresponding
python method(s)

For a full list of changes with links to the new stuff, see

Have fun with the new release,
Gregor, Leo, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Michael and Yun-Pang
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