Dear SUMO developers,

I am using SUMO to test algorithms of V2I intersection control. I previously 
used version 0.21.0 to simulate. Recently I want the vehicle to ignore the 
influence of car following model so I am changing to 0.22.0 to use command 
setSpeedMode. But I found that setStop command cannot be cancelled correctly in 
0.22.0. If I don't cancel the setStop, everything is fine, If I cancel it with 
another setStop command with duration 0, the vehicle will simply stop at the 
entrance of the intersection indefinitely.

I also tried in version 0.30.0, similar behaviors were observed. I happened to 
find that reissue another setStop with duration 0 will make the vehicle move, 
but the vehicle will decelerate before entrance and then accelerate which is 
not the behavior it should be.

I attached the related codes in last email but it was rejected. I have the code 
testing with only one vehicle. The code for 0.22.0 can also work on 0.21.0, I 
found that the setStop command can be cancelled correctly in 0.21.0 while the 
vehicle will stop at the entrance in 0.22.0. Please tell me anything I could be 
wrong or if you need the code I can send you to other email address. Thank you 
so much. I appreciate your help.

Best Regards,

Qiang lu

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