I’m using Traci to interface with SUMO. I’m currently trying to reroute 
vehicles based on travel time, to do this I’ve decided to change the vehicle’s 
travel time for an edge using setAdaptedTraveltime() and then rerouting using 
I’ve noticed there’s been a few questions asked about this method, but I am 
still unsure what this really means; could you provide an explanation as to 
what exactly the difference between true and false is? Whenever I run it I find 
there is no difference whether this is True or False as the same route is 
always given.

 Furthermore, is there an easy way to remove all of the adaptedTraveltime’s for 
each of the edges (in the vehicle’s internal memory) such that all travel times 
reset to their global settings (edge.getTraveltime())? I’m aware there’s a 
begin and end to setAdaptedTraveltime(), the issue is that if the beginning is 
say the current time and the end is current time + 1, and at the same point you 
reroute based on travel time, you’d think that the vehicle would change route 
(as it has those settings loaded) when calling rerouteTraveltime(), but I’ve 
found that the vehicle only really reacts to this if the endTime is after the 
end of the route journey time. Is there any way to simply set a traveltime for 
the step you are taking so that you can compute an alternative route and have 
all of the settings turn back to the global once the next simulationStep takes 

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