I wish to obtain the original lat, long of the nodes which are projected
(UTM) in the .net file. I read in the documentation (
http://sumo.dlr.de/userdoc/Networks/SUMO_Road_Networks.html) that, the
offset should be applied to the X, Y values in the .net file first,
followed by the inverse projection (pj_inv) function to obtain the original
lat, long of the nodes.

I presume, applying the offset to an individual node is done by extracting
the X, Y values from .net file by using a simple program. Following the
offset, the new values are updated back in the .net file, an inverse
projection is later employed on this .net file with X, Y values being the
new values (X-netoffset). Can you suggest me is my understanding of the
approach correct?

Tanuja S
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