There are some parameters that I want someone could explain to me. There
has no more detail information for these parameters. Appreciate for your
help in advance.

As shown on the website of

   1. internalMomentOfInertia
   2. radialDragCoefficient
   3. ollDragCoefficient
   4. propulsionEfficiency
   5. recuperationEfficiency
   6. stoppingTreshold

For the index  *stoppingTreshold*, does it have the relationship with the
parameter  * cuperationEfficiency*? The speed threshold used to define
braking behavior refers to the  *stoppingTreshold?   In other words, if the
car's speed is less than the value defined by the  stoppingTreshold, the
cars are going to be charging? In my opinion,  whether the cars are going
to charge or use the battery energy depends on the difference of the speed
in between the simulation step. If the speed is always less than than the
parameter  stoppingTreshold,  the cars are going to be charging all the
Could someone give a more detailed explanation for the 1-6 index listed

Appreciate for your reading it! Thanks!

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