Hi !

I am currently using SUMO with another software by using the TraCIAPI in
C++. I managed to represent SUMO vehicles in the other software but now I
would like to represent the vehicles from the software in SUMO.

However, I do not want these vehicles to move or change their orientation
unless I ask them to. So I changed their speed, their speedMode and
laneChangeMode to 0, and I am moving them by using the moveToXY function.
Still, SUMO does not change their angle in order to adpat them to the
edges, I would like to avoid that, is it possible ?

In fact I would like to control some vehicles without SUMO trying to
teleport/move/remove them. (but still being recognized as obstacles by the
others vehicles) Is that possible ?

Else, can I simply put obstacles of the shape I want on the road (for
exemple representing a car accident) or do I have to close the lanes
manually in order to stop the traffic ?

Sorry for the butchered langage.

Timothee Corsini
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