Hi Keith,
The Barrington Court dial appeared on the back cover of the September 2013 BSS 
Bulletin (vol. 25(iii)). The accompanying caption read:
"The dodecahedron dial at Barrington Court (NT), Ilminster, Somerset. It 
featured in the March 2013 issue and is seen here from the south, though none 
of the dials faces exactly south. It is surprisingly small with the actual 
polyhedron at not much more than head height. Recorded early in the Society's 
history (SRN0040), it is in good condition and a nice example. Photo: John 
The March 2013 article (by Peter Ransom) is really about an indoor dial and 
does not provide much more detail of the polyhedral dial, other than saying it 
has 5 reclining faces on the top row and 5 proclining ones in the bottom row. 
I'm not sure if the BSS Register has more info.
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  Could someone point to/send me a description of the multi-face dial at 
Barrington Court in Somerset? I'm only finding pictures via standard web 
  Keith E. Brandt, MD, MPH
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