It would be better to stay on advanced-time (Daylight Saving Time,
Summer-Time) year-round.

The change from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time results in increased
numbers of accidents of all kinds, because everyone's schedule is disrupted
by having to get up an hour earlier. It has been determined that,
throughout the Daylight Saving Time months, people never get used to that
schedule disruption.

So, we should keep one kind of time all year. But which one--Standard or
Daylight Saving?

I say keep Daylight Saving Time all year. For one thing, it's better start
the day earlier, and do things earlier in the day.

Besides, our schedule has been artificially skewed by artificial lighting:
For the most part, we start our day some time after sunrise, or at least
long after the beginning of Civil Twilight, and then end our day long after
dark. Our schedule has moved away from nature's solar time.

Year-round advanced time (Daylight Savings Time or Summer-Time) would move
our schedule back in the right direction.

We hear concern about children going to school in the dark, in winter, if
we had DST all year. But, as I've pointed out before, being out in morning
dark is a lot safer than being out in evening dark.  That' because evening
dark has more traffic, and more dangerous people out and about.

So, contrary to those safety-based arguments against year-round DST, such a
system would be safer.

Michael Ossipoff

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