Is there a reason basic X-Windows would not work (run it in one session and display/interact with it in a different one)? If you really need to launch it under the other session then it may be possible in CDE via ToolTalk but I have never tried that. I do know that it can be done with KDE3+.
X-Windows method (do everything as the current user):
[ X11 Client = session you will be running the app in and  X11 Server = session you will be displaying and interacting with the app ( this is opposite of what people normally think of client and server) ]
  1. On the X11 Server do the following: xhost <X11 Client's name or IP address>; echo $DISPLAY.
  2. On the X11 Client open a terminal and set your DISPLAY to point to the X11 Server.
    1. KSH/Bash: export DISPLAY="[X11 Client's name or IP address]:<whatever was on the right hand side of the colon in the echo you ran on the X11 Server>". For example: export DISPLAY=":25.0" (if both sessions are on the same system) or export DISPLAY="x11_svr_name:25.0". To avoid DNS lookup issues replace the hostname with the IP Address. For example: export DISPLAY="".
    2. CSH/TCSH: Replace "export DISPLAY=" above with "setenv DISPLAY " (note space at end).
  3. On the X11 Client run your app. An easy test is to try running /usr/openwin/bin/xclock and see if it appears on the X11 server.
KDE 3+ Method (do everything as root):
  1. dcop --user <name of user who owns the session you want to run the app in> --list-sessions
  2. If you get back more than one response then run dcop --session <session_identifier> against each session to see if you get anything back (many times only one will be an active session). For example: dcop --session .DCOPserver_mysunrayserver__25.
  3. Once you have found the session you want to run the app in do the following:
    dcop --session <session_identifier> klauncher klauncher exec_blind <path_to_app> <path_to_app> <path_to_app> <path_to_app> <path_to_app> <path_to_app>. (that's six times there).
    If you need to pass parameters to it then create a script to run it then exec_blind your script.
If you have Solaris 9+ then I think KDE 3.x.x is on the software companion CD. It might be on later versions of the Solaris 8 Software Companion CDs as well.
-- Russ

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Is it possible to launch applications from one session onto another session (for a demo).  I'm sure this would require root access for whoever exports a session (which I have since I admin the SunRay server).  Thanks!!
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