I have a X2100 with Solaris 10 and SRSS 3.1 and this machine is connected in a Gigagit port and the ThinClient in a FastEthernet port 10/100 on the same switch.

The Flow Control is set up by default but, in this situation, the SunRay is too slow.
The utcapture command show LATENCY  too high.
When I turn off Flow Control it works fine and LATENCY is low.

I found out this:
Bug ID: 5107978

But I do not think it is the problem.

Does anybody could give me a tip about this ?
Is it a SunRay bug  ?
Is it a SunRay natural behavior ?
My switch is wrong ?
Can I work Flow Control ?

Please, any tip will help me.


Fabio Sales

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