I agree with Marc’s suggestion for IETF 99 and IETF 100.  I volunteer to help 
with messaging and support for IETF 99, for the record.

Thanks Marc.


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Subject: Re: [sunset4] Incremental Deployment of IPv6-only Wi-Fi for IETF 

    On 16 Jul 2017, at 20:28, Brzozowski, John wrote:
    > Folks,
    > Apologies in advance for the gratuitous cross posting (v6ops, ietf, 
    > ipv6, sunset4, softwires).  I hope, to you all, this is worth the 
    > added email.
    > The draft below was written to provide the necessary documentation to 
    > enable the IETF (the NOC, participants, etc.) to migrate to an IPv6 
    > only primary network connection (Wi-Fi and wired) that utilizes 
    > NAT64+DNS64 to access IPv4 only content.  The request for IETF 99 has 
    > been to have the primary “ietf” SSID adhere to what is documented 
    > in the I-D below.  I trust the motivation is understood.  This means 
    > that the main “ietf” SSID would be switched to be IPv6 only with 
    > NAT64+DNS64 (at layer 3) per the I-D below.  Given the that IETF99 is 
    > upon us, this may or may not be entirely possible.
    > At this stage, the infrastructure preparations for IETF 99 should be 
    > in place to ensure that the IETF has the necessary hardware for 
    > redundancy and performance.
    > So, we are all seeking your input.  Given the above, what would all 
    > you suggest is tolerable for IETF99 as it pertains to the I-D below?
    > • IPv6 only per the I-D for the balance of IETF week?
    > • IPv6 only per the I-D for one or more days this week?
    > • IPv6 only per the I-D for the plenary?
    > • IPv6 only per the I-D for the next IETF meeting?
    While I’ve been a proponent of IPv6 for a long time, including our own 
    open-source implementation of nat64/dns64, we shall be careful, so I 
    would suggest that for this week, we pick a day for experiment, say 
    wednesday, and then for IETF100, we have it for the whole meeting, great 
    accomplishment for 100!
    > Please send us your feedback.
    > Regards,
    > John
    > +1-484-962-0060
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    > Subject: New Version Notification for 
    > draft-jjmb-v6ops-ietf-ipv6-only-incremental-00.txt
    >     A new version of I-D, 
    > draft-jjmb-v6ops-ietf-ipv6-only-incremental-00.txt
    >     has been successfully submitted by John Jason Brzozowski and 
    > posted to the
    >     IETF repository.
    >     Name:         draft-jjmb-v6ops-ietf-ipv6-only-incremental
    >     Revision:     00
    >     Title:                Incremental Deployment of IPv6-only Wi-Fi for 
    > Meetings
    >     Document date:        2017-06-30
    >     Group:                Individual Submission
    >     Pages:                15
    >     URL:            
    >     Status:         
    >     Htmlized:       
    > https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-jjmb-v6ops-ietf-ipv6-only-incremental-00
    >     Htmlized:       
    >     Abstract:
    >        The purpose of this document is to provide a blueprint and 
    > guidance
    >        for deploying IPv6-only Wi-Fi at IETF meetings.  This document
    >        outlines infrastructure and operational guidance that operators
    >        should consider when deploying IPv6-only networks using NAT64 
    > and
    >        DNS64 to support communication to legacy IPv4-only services.
    >     Please note that it may take a couple of minutes from the time of 
    > submission
    >     until the htmlized version and diff are available at 
    > tools.ietf.org.
    >     The IETF Secretariat
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