The nosh package is now up to version 1.20 .


It's worth noting that the WWW site has gained some more pages, an installation how-to and a quick look at user-space virtual terminals.

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The command and tool list page, which was woefully out of date, has had some attention, too. It is rather longer than it was.


You might notice a couple of new BSD packages, as well. FreeBSD/PC-BSD binary packaging is now up to parity with Debian Linux. One can create a fully-nosh-managed system on both just by installing some binary packages.

This wipes another to-do item off the roadmap page. The list of remaining rc.d items on the roadmap has shrunk, also. As always, assistance in wiping those remaining rc.d items off the list is welcome. If someone feels up to tackling /etc/rc.d/bluetooth, perhaps looking at what Iain Hibbert has apparently already done, for example ...

In addition to having yet more service bundles, this release irons out some wrinkles in startup and shutdown. The sysinit phase of bootstrap was causing undesirable mounts in emergency mode. That has been restructured. Some ordering problems in shutdown relating to unmounting filesystems have also been fixed. And the System 5/BSD compatibility reboot, halt, and poweroff shims no longer rely upon some other toolset's (not necessarily even present) shutdown command.

There are now -run packages for four different Debian Linux plug-and-play managers, with vdev and suckless mdev now added.

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