2015-12-17 10:50 GMT-03:00 Jonathan de Boyne Pollard:
> The nosh package is now up to version 1.23 .


It seems that the 'unload-when-stopped' and 'version' subcommands of
system-control are not mentioned in the documentation. They are listed
in the output of 'system-control --help', though. I discovered the
existence of the former because it is used in some of the scripts in
the package/debian/ and package/bsd/ directories of the source

Also, after building the target bundle directories
(/etc/service-bundles/targets/*) from source, the 'virtualbox-host'
one contains a 'kmod@vboxpci' dangling symlink in its wants/
subdirectory that doesn't look right to me. So I looked at the
source/targets/virtualbox-host.target file from which the bundle is
created, and, IMHO, there are some issues with it.

First, it has multiple 'Wants=' lines naming a few kmod@vbox*
services, not just kmod@vboxpci. But 'system-control
convert-systemd-units' appears to only take into account the last one.

And second, IIUC, since the filename ends in '.target',
convert-systemd-units assumes unsuffixed bundle names in the 'Wants='
lines refer to targets, and the resulting symlink is constructed as
'../../kmod@vboxpci'. Which would point to a nonexistent
/etc/service-bundles/targets/kmod@vboxpci bundle directory.

But on a more conceptual level, I don't really understand why these
'Wants=' lines are even there. The relevant kmod@vbox* service bundle
directories that come with the nosh package already name the
virtualbox-host target in their wanted-by/ subdirectories. So if one
actually needs them, then 'system-control enable' or 'system-control
preset' would take care of populating the wants/ subdirectory of
virtualbox-host, wouldn't they?


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