The nosh package is now up to version 1.25 .


As you may have noticed from discussions elsewhere, a new oom-kill-protect utility has snuck in at the last moment. This takes Linux-style OOM Killer score adjustments (an integer between -1000 and 1000), BSD-style binary YES/NO settings, or a special setting for querying the "oomprotect" environment variable; and tries to do the closest matching thing for each platform. Details are in the manual, of course. With this, the OOMScoreAdjust setting is now converted by the convert-systemd-units utility.

The local-syslogd, udp-syslogd, and syslogd service bundles make use of oom-kill-protect with the special environment variable setting in their run programs. So FreeBSD bug #204741 is addressed in a more general fashion that can be easily used in other service bundles. "rcctl set syslogd oomprotect YES" and "rcctl set syslogd oomprotect NO" can be used to turn OOM Killer protection on and off.

Other things in this version include:

* More configuration import utilities, covering ip6addrctl, webcamd, and NFS settings.
* A fix for a problem with configuration import on Linux in version 1.24.
* Two minor utilities for querying the fstab database, get-mount-what and get-mount-where, needed by the configuration import for mdconfig (but generally usable). * New binary "run-" packages for OpenSSH server, syslog on a local socket, and klog. * The new syslog and klog packages provide the Debian package manager's virtual package names "linux-kernel-log-daemon" and "system-log-daemon" (per Debian Bug #67604).

As can be seen from the roadmap, we are nearing the end of the rc.d conversion for FreeBSD. Additions in this release include nfsserver, gptboot, rtadvd, virecover, and pcdm. Almost all of mdconfig is actually done, bar some after/before orderings.


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