I am a "journeyman" UNIX user, currently trying to implement runit
as a substitute for systemd on a number of GNU/Linux distributions.
I already have the ./run service scripts per the original documentation for
runit (http://smarden.org/runit/).
However, I don't fully understand how logging and dependency resolution

1. When running several services with the service script as ./run and the
logging daemon's service as ./log/run,
does it mean that there are several instances/PIDs of the logging daemon?
Each attached to the service
it monitors?

2. If several services rely on a common daemon, like dbus or udev/eudev, is
the said daemon launched multiple times?

3. I noticed the ./run scripts are essentially Shell scripts by default.
Does this resolve the commonly perceived
limitations of System V init scripts?

Best regards,
Andy Mender

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