The GNU Emacs now has got a new option:

emacs --new-daemon=NAME

that is running emacs daemon in foreground, obviously someone reacted
since last time I wrote to the emacs mailing list. It is in the
development version or git.

That is great news for those who use s6-rc and wish to run emacs.

No need any more for tricks with "screen" like below:

#!/bin/execlineb -P
if { s6-test -d /home/data1/protected/Work }
s6-setuidgid admin
backtick -n HOME { homeof admin }
backtick -n PATH { echo
backtick -n LC_ALL { echo "en_US.UTF-8" }
/usr/bin/screen -l -S emacs -D -m --
/usr/bin/emacs --user admin --chdir /home/data1/protected

Jean Louis

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