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> On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 11:48 AM, Laurent Bercot
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> >  You want a clean process tree with a visually pleasing "ps afuxww"
> > output? Fix your services so they don't leave orphans in the first
> > place. ...
> >  Reparenting orphans to anything else than the default is a
> > backwards way to solve a nonexistent problem.  
> Name it reaperhack:
>     reaperhack is what it says: a hack. Ideally, you should never have
> to use it. It is only useful when you want to supervise a daemon that
> results in orphans; and even then, the right thing is to report this
> as a bug to the author of the program leaving orphans and have it
> fixed.

Am I missing something? Do containers not have a PID1? If so,  what
runs runsvdir (with the runit init system)? What starts up whatver sv



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