On 17-05-11 13:42:31, Van Bemten, Lionel (Nokia - BE/Antwerp) wrote:
> Hello all,
> After upgrading to the below release of skarnet packages, my system
> is not booting anymore on MIPS. I am using buildroot and the 
> s6-linux-init-skeleton
> provided there by √Čric Le Bihan.

The master branch of upstream Buildroot currently contains the Fall 2016
skarnet release. I have not yet bumped to Spring 2017: as you may have
seen, the patch for build time detection of types needs be refreshed.

> The init usually stays blocked there:
>   s6-rc: info: processing service fdholder: starting
> with the following processes running:
>   136 root     s6-rc -v 3 -u change services-all
>   143 root     s6-fdholderd -1 -i data/rules
>   146 root     s6-ipcserverd -1 -- s6-ipcserver-access -v0 -E -l0 -i 
> data/rules -- s6-sudod -t 2000 -- /usr/libexec/s6-rc-oneshot-run -l
>   173 root     s6-svlisten1 -u -- /run/s6-rc/scandir/klogd-log s6-svc -u -- 
> /run/s6-rc/scandir/klogd-log
>   183 root     s6-ftrigrd
>   296 root     s6-svlisten1 -U -- /run/s6-rc/scandir/fdholder s6-svc -u -- 
> /run/s6-rc/scandir/fdholder
>   297 root     s6-ftrigrd
> and I regularly see the following message, even though not consistently:
>   s6-ftrigrd: fatal: unable to flush asyncout: Broken pipe
> When I build the very same system for x86 I do not see any issue, it is very 
> stable, so I
> suspect a cross-compilation issue. Since buildroot patches skalibs in order 
> to determine
> system capabilities through build-time asserts instead of runtime tests, it 
> is possible that
> something goes wrong there. However I have adapted the patches to the new 
> release,
> and so far I cannot identify any error in the detected system settings.

I do my cross-compilation tests using QEMU and I remember having this
kind of issue sometimes. I always blamed it on a race condition and a
slow QEMU emulation, without looking any futher.

> If anyone has any idea to help the investigation, it would be highly 
> appreciated :).
> Maybe for example a hint on what could cause s6-ftrigrd to get a broken pipe ?

Would you care to share the Buildroot defconfig file you are using?

Best regards,


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