Hi all,

I'm writing a document on how to install runit on Devuan, with the hope
that some day it will lead to a Devuan package that makes sense and to
the best degree possible implements the goals of the software's author.

Most of it's pretty straightforward, but the runit install scripts
(package/upgrade to be specific) create /command right off the root,
and the runit docs suggest I create /package right off the root. These
are things that most distros would refuse to do.

So I was wondering what the original intent was in having these two
directories directly off the root? Is it so the init and supervision
can proceed even before partition mounts are complete? Is there some
other reason? Can anyone recommend setups that fulfill the reasons for
the direct-off-root dirs without having direct-off-root dirs?

By the way, if the runit docs go well, I'll do the same thing with s6.



Steve Litt 
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