I'm announcing the release of rc-shim v0.3.0, a small script that is useful
for adding supervision to existing installations already using SysV-styled
rc scripts.  The following has changed:

* there is a testing script that ensures the shim will work with your shell.

* confirmation that the shim works with several different shells, outlined
in the README file.

* there is now a "fancy" print variant, that uses colorized printing, etc.
that comes with your OS installation.

The script is in regular use and I have not had any major defects to be
concerned about.  There are a few known issues with output, but these
defects will not affect the operation of the shim.

The quality is now "beta" level and I have decided to continue to make
minor improvements; I retract my former statement that I am headed to a
maintenance release.

Source can be obtained with mercurial or git at
https://bitbucket.org/avery_payne/rc-shim. Incremental improvements will
continue with each release and feedback is always appreciated.

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