I didn't pay too much attention to this message displayed after login, 
mainly because everything seems to go well enough.

-bash: cannot set terminal process group (193): Inappropriate ioctl for device
-bash: no job control in this shell
[ ~ ]#

Well, Crtl+C doesn't work, but until now I could cope with it, but now 
that I'm progressing in the migration I would like to fix it.

I'm using agetty for the ./run file of the service.

exec /sbin/agetty 38400 tty3 linux

And this is the output of ps -fx:

  1 ?     Ss     0:00 runit
192 ?     Ss     0:00 runsvdir -P /service log:...................
193 ?     Ss     0:00  \_ runsv getty-3
201 ?     S      0:00  |   \_ /bin/bash ./run
215 ?     S      0:00  |   |   \_ /usr/local/bin/svlogd -tt /tmp/agetty3
224 ?     S      0:00  |   \_ /bin/login --
285 ?     S      0:00  |       \_ -bash

It seems that bash is expecting PID 193 to be a terminal, but it finds 
runsv instead (maybe due to the effect of exec).

I could change agetty to getty in order for managing the terminal, but 
before I would like to understand the problem and a possible solution.

What is then the reason for that warning and what could be the solution?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Daniel Gutiérrez San José

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