From what I can tell runit's last release was made in 2014 so I am
wondering whether it is still maintained. Additionally from what I can tell there is no CVS (or modern equivalent like git) repository for runit, is
this true? If there was one I would not have to ask whether it is still
actively developed, unless there was no commit activity at the repository,
of course. Your FAQ doesn't address either question, nor do DuckDuckGo
searches on this topic.

 Hello, and happy new year.

 You can probably infer the answer from the lack of responses you've
 For what is worth, there are people working on runit in the
framework of distributions. I believe there's a bug-tracker for runit
on Debian, for instance; and the Void Linux distribution uses runit as
its init system, and certainly has specialists maintaining their runit
version. So it's kinda maintained - unfortunately in various directions
by different distributions.

 runit works, and this list knows how it works. If you have runit
questions, we are able to answer them here - so if you just want to
use runit, you can, and you can get support here.

 If you're looking for supervision software that looks like runit, talks
like runit, walks like runit, is actually actively maintained, and has
a community that exchanges without distribution boundaries, may I
suggest s6? (If you wonder about development status: a new version
of s6 was *just* released.)


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