> > Do you know whether anyone has documented how to build on a non-Debian 
> > linux? An rpm spec file would be ideal, but just simple non-Debian 
> > centric build instructions would be better than nothing.
> Thomas Caravia constructed the Archnosh PKGBUILD the same way. It does 
> the slashpackage-style build, then takes the built slashpackage-style 
> package and parcels it out into a set of Arch binary packages, with a 
> light dusting of patches to a handful of service bundles.  It even 
> mostly re-uses the Debian maintenance scripts.

I'm not familiar with rpm but my packaging is just this:

1) package/compile: you'll need "redo" to build

2) package/stage: you can tweak this script to fit your distribution's
filesystem hierarchy

3) use the resulting package trees for your packaging: in my case
one-for-one copying

4) include install/upgrade/remove scripts from package/debian for the
packages that need them

Service bundle patches account for differences in paths or usernames
with Archlinux, when I find them.

> (On that note, Thomas: You may enjoy the start that I have made in 1.37 
> to a _Packages and Ports_ chapter in the /nosh Guide/.  Yes, I currenly 
> plan for the |.p|/|.func| system to get at least a short mention.)

It did not go unnoticed!


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