To let you know in advance, Thomas:

In 1.37, a pre-relase source archive for which will be available for you later today in the usual place, I am making several changes.

Several of your patches are going to be shorter or even entirely moot. The build system will try to explicitly pick some .service.arch-linux files when it detects Arch Linux. Please check that I have got these right.

I finally need to have pre-install and post-remove maintenance actions, because of D-Bus in Debian 9. So I have re-vamped the maintenance script generation. You should find it easier to map the new system onto Arch Linux, as the Debian file naming system is now closer to the BSD one. Please adjust as required. Have a look at the new package/debian/gencontrol for pointers to adjustments for your scriptletbuilder. Notice that there's now no occasion where there is a wholesale override script, nor is there any occasion where there is no .funcs file. Also beware that you'll need to patch out dpkg-divert in nosh-service-management.*.extra and the dbusprefix in package/stage.

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