I understood it.
I will try it again.


2018-07-25 17:35 GMT+09:00 Jonathan de Boyne Pollard
> Yoshinori Sato:
>> root 10647 10592 0 7月13 ? 00:00:00 /opt/LifeKeeper/sbin/runsv lkcheck
>> terminate service
>> [root@nodeA ec2-user]# kill 10647 12521
> That is not terminating a service.  That is terminating the service
> supervision subsystem.  If you kill the process that actually does the
> restarting, you really should not expect that process to then restart
> anything.  The behaviour of runsv in response to SIGTERM is documented in
> its manual; as are the ways to properly tell it to terminate a service, as
> opposed to what you did here.
> Use the runit manual in preference to the LifeKeeper manual here, too.  In
> particular learn the use of runit commands like
>     # /opt/LifeKeeper/sbin/sv status /opt/LifeKeeper/etc/service/*
> rather than the clumsy and error-prone grepping of the process list that is
> given in the LifeKeeper manual.

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