El jue, 3 dic 2020 a las 18:34, Laurent Bercot escribió:
>   So, can you juggle fds to avoid nosetsid, or can't you do the same
> thing without it?

This particular use of nosetsid can probably be implemented in some
other way. I did think about having supervision tree processes inherit
a FD for the shell's terminal from s6-svscan, and also about using an
s6-fdholderd process, and having supervision tree processes retrieve
the FD from it. Although I haven't tested either yet.

It seems I missed the addition of s6-svscan's -X option; I saw it one
day in the output of 'ps' on a VM that was using s6-linux-init, didn't
recognize it, but then forgot to look up what it did :P But I would
have to 'tag' messages in some way, so that the catch-all logger
recognizes them and sends them to the terminal, right?

Anyway, nosetsid + /dev/tty is still the simplest implementation, I
have to admit.


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