On 20.01.21 07:56, Kian Kasad wrote:
Hi all,

I apologize if this is a "dumb" or seemingly obvious question. Logging
and monitoring are definitely my weak points when it comes to

In terms of logging, what exactly does s6 handle and what do I need to
handle using external programs?
I know s6 (at least how Artix Linux has it set up) will create a
directory under /var/log for each service that emits log output. Because
of this, do I need a syslog daemon like syslog-ng?
If all your services support logging to stdout/stderr you can get away without a syslog service. Instead of a single logging service consuming logs from all other services s6 is designed to connect each long running service with its own tiny dedicated logging service.
And do I need a logrotate program or does s6 handle that?
You don't need and external log rotation program. The s6-log utility includes support for log rotation and post processing and log rotation is enabled by default.

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