Laurent Bercot said on Mon, 02 Aug 2021 19:39:47 +0000

>>I thought the way to do what the OP asked is:
>>s6-svc -u myrequirement || exit 1
>>exec mydaemon -myarg1 -myarg2
>  This is not a good idea in a s6-rc installation, because it sends
>raw s6 commands, which may mess with the service state as viewed by
>s6-rc. Also, it sends control commands to a service from another
>service's run script, which is bad form in general: it is
>unintuitive that starting the mydaemon service also causes the
>myrequirement service to be started. Dependencies should be handled at
>the service manager level, not at the process supervision level.

Do you think this is any better?

test_for_myrequirement || exit 1
exec mydaemon -myarg1 -myarg2


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