I have supervisord controlling nginx.  My supervisord.d/nginx.conf file has
the wrong stopsignal in it. I want to change the stopsignal, and use
supervisorctl to tell supervisord to use the new stopsignal the next time
nginx is stopped.

Unfortunately, the only way I can see for supervisorctl to be appraised of
and act on the new stopsignal is for it to first stop nginx using the
incorrect old signal; the next stop, of the new nginx child, will then use
the correct new signal.

I have tried changing the stopsignal spec, supervisorctl reread, manually
pkill the existing nginx with the new signal (bypassing supervisord); the
supervisord restarts nginx as expected, but is not appraised of the new
signal, so the next supervisorctl stop nginx still uses the old signal.

Robert Henry, New Relic
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