Hello Allen,

I can not reproduce your setup because we do not have any computer with MS 
Windows here, I haven't used this family of OS since 2001. Yes, Eclipse is a 
multi-platform program, but we never tested our code with Windows, so there 
could be our bugs when running on Windows.

Can you please try installation it with (K)ubuntu 16.04 LTS? Then I will be 
able to reproduce all the steps.


---- On Tue, 20 Mar 2018 02:35:29 -0700 Allen 
Yin<allen....@blacksesame.com.cn> wrote ---- 

    Hi Andrey,
 I follow the steps on the web page: 
  1.     Download plugin  “git clone 
  2.     Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, get the “Eclipse Java 
Oxygen” for 64bit
  3.     Edit “eclipse.ini”,  see “1.jpg”, I could find “-clean -startup” and 
“-XX :MaxPermSize”  these two items in the file,  so I modify the file as 
  4.     In eclipse , “File -> Import -> Existing Maven Projects -> 
set imagej-elphel as Root Directory - a project will appear in the project list 
-> Finish ” 
  5.     “Run Configurations -> select Java Application -> New Launch 
Configuration -> find the needed plugin class -> Run”, see “3.jpg” and 
 It could not build the plugin. Could you please help us to setup this 
environment and give us more detailed steps ?
 OS: Windows 10
 Allen Yin

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