Hi Oleg,

I formatted the drive using ip_address/format_disk.php. This created sda1
and raw sda2. Then I used mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2 to format the 2nd partition.
I made a directory sda2 in mnt and mounted /dev/sda2 there. I can copy
files from /mnt/sda2 using scp. Is this the right way? I'm not sure why I
need 2 partitions.

When I use the Apple Quicktime Movie format, I get videos of the frames
from each port alternating. Is there a way to separate them so I get a
video for each port?

For image format, COLOR is set as 0. Does that matter?

By the way, I was curious if it's possible to use 14 MPix sensors with nand?



On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 1:47 PM, Oleg <support-list@support.elphel.com>

> Hi Mohamed,
> 1. For 14MPx - there's incorrect fps from the sensor in the firmware
> you've been using - we have fixed it - you can find it here (20180406)
> <https://community.elphel.com/files/393/20180406/>.
> To enable 14Mpx - apart from the changes in the device tree and 10389's
> eeprom, set the TRIG parameter to 0 (the default config is 0x4 meaning
> triggered mode) then you can check the timestamps in
> http://camera-ip/parsedit.php > "last 9 images, 3 per row, scale=0.2". It
> should be ~11.07 for the full frame. Then you can save the config at
> 2. About recording.
> Don't know how you are downloading the footage. Do you record on the sda1
> or sda2? Also, image format jpeg (COLOR=0) or jp4 (COLOR=5)?
> If sda1 - it's scp over network or switching camera's SSD to PC, mounting
> and copying.
> If sda2 (which is the raw partition) - don't know if you figured out how
> to download images - there are a few ways:
>    - over network using dd:
> Note: When recording to the raw parition the driver creates a file
> /mnt/sda1/camogm.disk and stores partition info with write pointers
> measured in LBA units (512B each). It uses the info to restart recording
> from where it left of (to start from the beginning remove this file).
> This camogm.disk will also tell you how much you need to download from the
> partition.
> # line below will download 200MB from the start of the partition:
> ssh root@camera-ip "dd if=/dev/sda2 bs=20M count=10 | gzip -1 -" | dd
> of=image.bin.gz
> unpack to image.bin
> run https://git.elphel.com/Elphel/eyesis4pi-393-gui/blob/master/
> footage_downloader/split_mov.php from inside the directory with image.bin
>    - via eSATA cable connected to PC and the camera:
> Try using int_ssd_download.py (from https://git.elphel.com/
> Elphel/elphel-tools-x393). Then you will need split_mov.php as well.
> Best regards,
> Oleg Dzhimiev
> Electronics Engineer
> phone: +1 801 783 5555 x124
> Elphel, Inc.
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