Dear Sir/ Madam,
 I greatly appreciate for spending time to answer my previous questions.
I have checked your products and I am a little confused about something, Can 
you guide me again?    1) Can users set exposure time? what is the range of it? 
    2) As you mentioned in web site,  the Model 323 had supported 35 mm (11 
Megapixel Kodak CCD) and unfortunately  it is         discontinued now. Can I 
drive a CCD sensor (e.g. 11 Megapixel Kodak CCD) on System Board (10393)? Is 
there any         user manual for help?    3) I couldn't have find any 
information about operating and storage temperature, totally is there any data 
about industry                 standards?
 Thank you for your help.
Best Regards

    On Monday, December 2, 2019, 11:11:18 PM UTC, Elphel Support 
<> wrote:  
 We have several sensor boards, some are tested, some just designed.
In addition to the 10338 ( and 
( we have

103992 for Flir Lepton3.5

and designs:
103981 for AR1820

103892/3/4 for CMV1200

103991 for ATTO320 and ATTO640 -

Most image sensors are compatible with the 10393 system boards, but require 
sensor-specific adapter boards, each of the links above contain circuit diagram 
and Gerber files that you may use as an example. Additionally new sensors need 
customization of the FPGA (Verilog) and drivers (C) - all source code is 
available in our git repository mirrored at GitHub.


---- On Sat, 30 Nov 2019 04:15:49 -0800 Mas Ard <> wrote ----

Dear All,

I recently read about your Products and would like to know more, I would like 
setup a camera with bigger pixel size and have some experience to design and 
Implementation electrical board.
Do your camera support only 13338(MT9P031/MT9P001) and 10398(MT9F002) as 
sensor, otherwise can you help me how can I choose other sensor? Or what class 
of image sensors are compatible with your products? Is  there any limitation 
that I have to consider it when I browse or other distributors?

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully

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