I recently ordered a sensor board from the Elphel 323 camera off Ebay and
had a few questions about getting it up and running. The board has the
Kodak KAI11000 CCD sensor and has model number 1A20324 Rev "A".  I'm a
software engineer, so you can be technical in your responses.

   1. This particular sensor board contains both the FPGA-based
   timing/interface module and the analog sensor front-end, correct? (I can
   see a Xilinx Spartan FPGA on it)

   2. From a hardware standpoint, all I need to create a functioning camera
   is a 10353 processor board, power supply, and injector cable, correct?
   (besides a housing, lens mount, and lens)

   3. Do you still sell the 10353 processor board, or will I have to have
   one made from the Gerber file and parts list?

   4. For the software, it looks like the x353 repository on GitHub
   contains the Verilog to create the BIT file for the FPGA.  But where can I
   find the Linux-based webserver software that allows me to control the
   camera over Ethernet?  It looks like the linux-elphel repository contains
   this software for the 10393 board only.

My ultimate goal is to create a camera based on a monochrome full-frame CCD
sensor that does not apply a demosaicing algorithm to the raw pixel data.
Much like a Leica M Monochrom, but with a Canon EF lens mount.  I realize
this will take a long time to complete, but I'm looking forward to the
challenge and learning more about how image sensors work!

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