Dear Andrey,

I like to complete this project (AMS sensors) , and also provided CMV8000
sensor. Can I count on your continual support?
Actually I'm a HDL developer but there are many verilog and python codes
and I'm a little confused and do not know which sections should be
changed?  My question is which part of FPGA code should be changed or
replaced ? Should Python and PHP codes be changed as well? What about Linux
kernel drivers?
We have started PCB design . Could I send the PCB file and ask for your


On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 5:14 PM Elphel Support <> wrote:

> Dear Ali,
> We developed the PCBs for CMV12000 for our customer who decided to cancel
> the project. So we have the boards built, but we never assembled and tested
> them and we haven't designed FPGA and firmware code. We may revive this
> project in the future, but our current focus is on long-range 3D with
> visible and infrared cameras, and for visible range we prefer rolling
> shutter, not the snapshot ones.
> Andrey
> ---- On Tue, 27 Oct 2020 02:15:32 -0600 *ali tamimi
> < <>>* wrote ----
> Dear All
> I was browsing your website that saw a long list of sensors will be
> supported in future . It is a remarkable achievement  if  all of  various
> sensors are supported in future.
> As you mentioned the "103982" board for the sensor front end CMV12000 can
> be connected to 10393. You put PCB files but don't explain about software
> requirements. Is there any special driver for it; or need code change?
> Another question, why do you not mention CMV12000 in the main list of
> supported sensors?
> I provide CMV8000 and want to drive it with your product "10393" and need
> your help to do that. It makes me proud to be part of your community and
> collaborate in your project.
> best regards
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