Hello Kaien,

> ""; page, i set "21 EXPOSURE 0".

is not the right place to make the changes - this page is designed to
troubleshoot latency issues and then copy the data to the C header files
with the definitions. Please follow Oleg's recommendations how to adjust
frames ahead values.

The latencies  on the tuneceq.php  page (and the data is overwritten in
memory each time you switch between TRIG=4 and TRIG=2) need to precisely
match the actual hardware latencies so the driver "knows" when to apply
changes so the particular frame (but not the one before) will be acquire
with the new parameters. Reducing those values will not make sensor to
respond to the changes faster, driver will just "think" that sensor is
faster and send the related i2c command later.

The exposure latency is rather long, especially in the sensor free-running
mode (TRIG=0) - exposure starts during the previous frame readout, when
using TRIG=4 you can save one frame, because in this mode there is no frame
exposure overlap, sensor:
1 - waits for the trigger (by default generated internally in the camera
2 - skips 8 scan lines (fro some internal reasons)
3 - starts exposure of the first line
4 - waits exposure time (starting exposure of lines 2,3,...)
5 - starts readout of the first line

Additionally, when using TRIG=0 mode there is additional restrictions (seems
not to be documented in the sensor datasheet) - you can not change exposure
on the next frame after it was already changed, so when implementing "HDR"
mode (alternating short/long exposures) it is possible to have odd/even
exposure change only in TRIG=4 mode. With TRIG=0 the minimal period would be
4 frames (2 - long, 2 - short)

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