I have 2 Elphel 393 boards and I believe both of their internal flash are
> corrupt or old. I am trying to update them. Do you have a link for the
> files or any instructions on how to do so?

Before updating:
How are you trying to update them? What image do you use?

Update instructions:
1. The latest is 20180130 - download and unpack archive from here:
https://community.elphel.com/files/393/20180130/ (a list of firmware images
can be found here <https://wiki.elphel.com/wiki/Tmp_manual#Firmware_images>)
2. Inside there's readme.md with instructions and images for SD card and
the internal flash.

Note: if you have an old recovery card you will probably need to create a
new one as rootfs grew a bit bigger than php's upload limit. There's a
script (*write_bootable_mmc.py*) that will partition the card - it's linux
Alternatively you can increase the limit:

   - boot from the recovery card (default ip address is -
   change with ifconfig if needed)
   - ssh root@camera-ip-address
   - (using nano or vi) edit /etc/php/php.ini:

upload_max_filesize = 512M
> post_max_size = 512M

   - save, restart lighttpd or reboot, then 3.

3. Once boot from a recovery card:

   - go to http://camera-ip-address/update_software.html
   - upload all files from *nand/* folder
   - hit flash, wait until done
   - power off, remove card, power on

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Oleg Dzhimiev
Electronics Engineer
phone: +1 801 783 5555 x124
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