Hello Winston,

Tomorrow Oleg will try to reproduce your settings - so far we did not have such 

BTW, you can set same parameters on multiple ports simultaneously, using 
"Broadcast Mask" (hex number 0..f)
Port 0: 1
port 1 - 2
port 2 - 4
port 3 - 8,

So broadcast mask 3 will set the same mode on ports 0 and 1.

About bits I tried to explain in the previous messages and the "How many 
bits..." in the article.

Sensor provides 12 bits, and each bit is important in the shadows. But not in 
the bright light because of the shot noise that is caused just by the fact that 
each pixel can store only integer number of electrons. And so while all bits 
are important, there are not 4096 meaningful levels for each pixel, but 
significantly less (see "How many bits..."). Gamma conversion uses non-linear 
scale to represent pixel values with steps proportional to the shot noise 
(steps are smaller). The gamma conversion parameters are saved in the Exif 
header of the JP4 file, and if you open files with ImageJ plugin, it takes care 
of the Exif data and restores linear data proportional to the pixel raw values, 
then you can save it as  32-bit Tiff file.


> Hi, Andrey
 > I met a new question. I set ‘Color’ parameter with the five(it could get 
the jp4 format image)on one camera, and this camera image format was converted. 
But when I set the other one, this camera image format was not converted. 
Please help me test for it. 
 > Another question
 > What is the raw jp4 format image with 100% compression bit wide? I read 
it and the result show the bit wide is uint8. But you web shows that the bit 
wide is 12bit.
 > Best Regrad!
 > Yicheng-Zhang
 > Email: winston.zh...@blacksesame.com.cn
 > Teil: 18516291005
 > Addr: 707 room, 7th floor, building 4th, No.1761, Zhangdong road, Pudong 

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