I have inspected the logs.

1. 000E64081D8D:
With the corrupted flash - it needs to have its firmware reflashed (the
badblocks are skipped during the reflashing process).
You should be able to do it by yourself:
a. Boot from the live usb (you should have at least one - a credit card
size usb key). If you don't have it - it's available for downloading
<> (there are a few links from there with
more details).
b. Download and flash this firmware
- instructions <> (follow
section III.4. (or 3.))

Let me know if you need further assistance.

2. 000E64081D9B:
Try removing /etc/autocampars.xml and rebooting:
>From * <>*

> rm /etc/autocampars.xml


Then reboot - a new config file will be generated. Let me know if it fixed
the camera.

Best regards,
Oleg Dzhimiev
Electronics Engineer
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