Hello Mohammed,

You can save camera settings so they will be precisely synchronized. In "free 
running" mode each sensor can have different WOI and so different FPS. You may 
find info on synchronization here: https://wiki.elphel.com/wiki/Trigger_393

The disadvantage of synchronized mode is in low-light conditions, because when 
operated in free running mode  rolling-shutter sensors can have exposure up to 
frame readout period (14.5 fps full resolution), exposure and readout overlap.

In triggered mode exposure and readout are not overlapped, so frame period can 
not be below exposure time plus readout time. Other than that in triggered mode 
all sensors have beginning of exposure at exactly the same moment (to 
microsecond precision), same applies to multiple 393 camera if they are 
connected with sync cables


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Hello Oleg,

I understand that when 4 imagers are connected to the 10393, they are not in 
sync by default. Do you know how out of sync they are? Also, is the lack of 
synchronization noticeable? If the cameras are in motion, will there be 
significant gaps between the different imagers' frames? If this is something 
you've tested please  let me know.

Thank you,

Mohamed Morsy

RedZone Robotics

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