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we have a bunch of 353-based stereo cameras that are in operation for seven years meanwhile and we've been very happy with them. Over the last weeks, some of them have image errors, at first sight it looks like one of the sensor is not configured correctly, a combined image looks like:

I found that this seems to be a problem with the 10359 multiplexer board -- exchanging this resolves the issue for a camera.

When booting, the relevant portion of dmesg reports this error on the affected cameras:

initSequencers:resetting both sequencers
Initializing DMA registers for EXTDMA3 -
sensor clock set to 48000000
10359 bitstream version =0x0359a054
10353 sensor clock set to 96000000
10359A sensor clock set to 96000000
removing MRST from the sensor
Found MT9P001 2592x1944 sensor on 10359A port 1, chip ID=1801
Found MT9P001 2592x1944 sensor on 10359A port 2, chip ID=1801
Setting internal HACT generation
Found MT9P001 2592x1944 sensor, chip ID=1801
**** ERROR adjusting SDRAM clock phase in 
low90=3, low_l=249, high90=3, high_l=-250
 **** ERROR adjusting SDRAM clock phase in 
Resetting MT9X001 sensor
Reading sensor registers to the shadows:
Initializing MT9X001 registers with default values:
Starting hardware sequencers

I have tried to set the clock parameters from a functioning specimen via the /359/10359_controls.html which temporarily resolves the issue, but after a reboot the problems reappear.

Any chance to resolve this in software or do we need to exchange boards? If so - are they still available?

All the best from Austria, stay healthy,


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