Hello Norman,

I'm sorry you are having these problems. 450mm cables are close to the maximal 
usable length. Most likely the problem is related to the need to change delay 
in the sensor interface signals relative to clock, not the hardware problem 
with the cable. But it still can be the problem, of course.

What happens now - you can get a picture from port 0, and nothing at all on 
port 1? Black image, corrupted image, getting stuck trying to get an image? 
What happened before (when it was restoring after reboot)?

If you are getting corrupted image - can you please send it ?


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Dear Elphel support team,


We have a NC393 system, with two sensors connected by 450mm FPC cables. Ever 

we put the system together in last July, port 1 was unstable and lost 
connection every a few

weeks. Rebooting the system would get the port back. However, recently that 
port was

totally lost. We can’t have it back by rebooting or reconnecting the camera to 
the cable.


We did a simple debugging by swapping sensors between the two FPC cables.  Both 

worked with port 0, and neither of them worked with port 1. So we presume the 
FPC cable

on port 1 is faulty. We didn’t open up the box to check the connection between 
the cable and

the board. I am looking for advice on what I should do next. Shall I open up 
the box to check

the internal connection or shall I simply order another FPC cable from you? And 
Is the cable







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