Hello Walter,

Elphel camera NC353L (older model) is being used for photofinish purposes
by at least two of our customers. We also have a blog post from another
user who did photofinish with Elphel camera a few years ago:
You can also read on elphel wiki about photo finish applications:

If you go on elphel.com, there are multiple tabs, and you can type
"photofinish" in the combined search - there is information on the blog,
wiki, and support list about it.

All Elphel software is Free and Open Source and distributed and protected
by GNU GPL v.3 license. Hardware is under CERN Open Hardware license. You
are welcome to use the existing code and write your own application
specific software. If you plan to distribute your software it has to be GNU

We also have the new model NC393, and it is possible to use it as a line
scan camera, but we have not yet had any customers who have done it.

Best Regards,

Olga S Filippova
Elphel, Inc.

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 9:48 PM Walter Segovia <wsego...@solversys.com>

> Dear sirs at Elphel
> After  a simple Google search I have found your site which is interesting.
> I am looking for a project to develop a slit camera or line-scan camera
> for photofinish application for horse race.
> I have found out that commercial photofinish camera systems with software,
> and all stuff in one package, is very expensive.
> So I plan to develop an acceptable degree of performance line-scan camera,
> for a degree grade in Electronics and Computer Science.
> Could you give me a hand where to look for economical and fast line-scan
> camera in order to start the research of the project with this hardware ?
> Walter Segovia
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